The Bravehearts A-Wurf - Pedigree

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The Roadrunners Yentle



Res. Jun. Ch. The Roadrunners Funky Phantom 

Ch. Crafty Clan´s William Wallace of the Roadrunners

Ch. Zorro

Bedlinog Flynn
Vlietstede Diva
Ch. Vlietstede Hippo´s Hippy Tarsia Hippo
Ch. Vlietstede Kim
Gulabin´s Melly of the Roadrunners Somerwest Spider  Ch. Howlbeck Piper
Somervale Katey
Barsetta Ivy Ch. Digmoor Taffy
Somerwest Jessica

The Roadrunners Vanta

Res.Jgd-Ch. The Roadrunners Vincent Ch. Mühlenhof´s Nelson Red The Nock Rusty Never The Last
Mühlenhof´s Dorette
Titular´s Beebee Highfast Illia
Sturmhöhe´s Daliah
The Roadrunners Funny Fever Ridley Reiver Ch. Redwood Tackles Ridley
Ch. Ridley Replica
The Roadrunners Celine Ch. By Windrush´s Arthur
Ch. The Hunter´s Palmy Patsy


Vom ganzen Herzen Paula of the Bravehearts



Foxcombevale JJ

Foxcombe Otter Foxwarren Portman Foxwarren Dixy
Foxwarren Cheeky
Foxcombe Milly Foxwarren Flint III
Foxwarren Lisa of Foxcombe
Foxcombe Poppy Foxwarren Digger II Foxwarren Leeroy
Foxwarren Little Thistle
Foxwarren Janey of Foxcombe Foxwarren Yanto
Foxwarren Contessa II

Emylou vom Fehnkanal

Conquest Trax

The Hollow York Fox Run Fergus
The Hollow Valentina
Conquest Tease Little Eden Trader
Conquest Bailey
Caya of Flintstone Astanjo-Keenith-Narin vom Allermöher Ch. Mühlenhof´s Nelson
Baika (Wulff)
Vlietstede Magic Misty Vlietstede Rascal
Vlietstede Malou